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The sole importer of the Italian motorboats Cranchi is the German Hans Pregler. In 2005 he visited Playa Blanca for the first time and since then he became filled with enthusiasm by the perfect conditions that the south of Lanzarote offers to motorboat drivers. He checked all the good spots in the south personally and after seeing how wonderful it was in Playa Blanca for boat excursions, he took the decision to live and work here. We interviewed the Mediterranean expert who shared his passion with us.

A paradise for motorboats

How do you see your professional future in Playa Blanca?


We are the sole German importer of the Italian company Cranchi. Our company, Boats Pregler, can offer a wide range of craft here on the island and we can help our clients with all the formalities, including transport and paperwork, also possible repair work. We have already sold some boats in Playa Blanca and all our customers are very satisfied. It is easy to get in touch with us and we are happy to help every motorboat enthusiast to get to know this wonderful place.


Is driving a motorboat a luxury sport, only affordable by some people?


No, it is quite the opposite. We guarantee that we find everybody the perfect boat, including second hand boats. The fact that you can use your boat the whole year long, makes it possible for you to share it with a group of friends, if you wanted to, meaning also sharing the costs. It may be an exclusive pleasure in some parts of the world, but here the chance to explore the coast in your motorboat is available for everyone.


What is your personal experience in Playa Blanca?


Two years ago, my wife and I, came here for the first time. As a professional, I realized immediately the ideal conditions. This is the perfect alternative, especially in winter, to the Mediterranean. In summer it is never too hot. The perfect climate and gives you the chance to explore somewhere new every day. You can practice a wide variety of water sports or just go fishing on one of your excursions. For me, Playa Blanca is a paradise for motorboats and because of all this; I have already brought my own boat to Lanzarote and bought a house here, too. 


What is the difference between driving a motorboat in the Mediterranean and Playa Blanca?


The biggest advantage that Playa Blanca has is the fact that you can use your boat all year round. In the Mediterranean, the season only lasts five months. In May it is a happy occasion, when the boats are got out, but sadly they have to be put back in storage in September; a very short season. Here by contrast, you can use your boat all the year. I have been in this business for over 30 years now and we ran a shipyard in Ampuriabrava, which is the biggest sports harbour in Europe, for over 20 years. However, I have never found such ideal conditions as here.


What makes Playa Blanca so special?


The geographical location in the south is ideal because in front you have the “Isla de Lobos” and Fuerteventura and on the southern east coast there are the incredible Papagayo beaches. All this makes it a perfect area where to drive boats. I don´t think that you can find anywhere else similar conditions in the Canary Islands. Additionally you have the new and beautiful sports harbour that can compete with the standards of Mediterranean harbours and which offers a luxury, but affordable  service. All this, plus the very low price of petrol, together with low prices for all services, costs are about 30% less than on the mainland, making it a paradise for motorboat drivers.


What did you like most during your boat excursions?


All the places are very close and you can reach them easily. Depending on the direction of the wind, you have the alternative of going to the other side of the coast to find ideal driving conditions. You can also visit nearby islands (Fuerteventura is only 8 miles away), giving you the opportunity to go to a multitude of sandy beaches with beautiful bays of crystal clear water. Or you can go along wild volcanic coastlines. Here you can still find quiet bays in which to moor your boat, relax and enjoy the peace - completely safe from the wild seas. There is so much to explore. It is very easy to find a bar or restaurant close to the coast that offers a place where you can safely berth your boat. 

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