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For Generations to Come

Everbody gets used to their own everyday way of life and often doubts and fears become a reason to postpone the dream of an everlasting spring until in the end it gets totally forgotten.


Nearly everyone who takes the step into a different way of living, finds that after a small period of time, they cannot imagine going back to live in their home country. This fact is contrary to the many questions that potential emigrants ask themselves. Once you cross the line of uncertainty, you can then go forward to explore your new surroundings and get to know and enjoy them.


Klaus Piësch from Interval Marketing, after 30 years of experience, came to the conclusion that “anybody can build a new life in Lanzarote provided they have the desire”. A sentence that is as simplee as profound. Like the old adage “where there´s a will, there's a way”.


At the same time it is proved that a change of venue also affects the whole family, both for the children and grandchildren, a new culture and a new language is very inspiring and a personal challenge. In a Europe that is growing together at an enormous speed, it is never too early to start to learn new languages, and to learn about different cultures. Buying a property in Lanzarote helps to facilitate this and will benefit generations to come.

During the last few years the number of doctors in Lanzarote has grown considerably and is still increasing. Today you can find a diversity of countries represented in the medical field, so that you have every chance of finding one who speaks your own language. Now you do not have to miss out on your favourite food or drink. English or German restaurants offer a variety of typical food, from fish and chips to Sauerkraut. Not to mention all the other nationalities that have restaurants here. In the supermarkets you can find all your favourite products from home. Specialized shops offer all you need from ecological food to delicatessens. Banks and insurance companies have woken up to the fact that there is an ever growing number of European residents. In every branch you can find professsionals who speak your language, and will give you advice about financial investments and all matters concerning your personal banking.


You will find plenty to do in your spare time, for example the German “Treffpunkt” regularly organizes theme evenings. English groups such as “Ladies who lunch” have, as the name suggests, lunch parties and other fund raising events to support and help abandoned animals. There is a cultural agenda which gives you a huge choice of many different events. The small and friendly character of the island makes it very easy to get to make new friends, neighbours help each other, people join together for boat excursions, and for a lot of foreign residents an exchange of information and experiences is a regular part of their social life. In school, where there are often as many as 30 different nationalities learning together, a basis for living harmoniously is formed from an early age: a very good thing for the future where language and communication problems are solved in a relaxed way.


“The right location is important for a property to shape up nicely”, explains Klaus Piësch. “We promote a life in harmony with the traditions and nature of the island, not only in our business life, but in our private life as well. Our clients understand our philosophy and realize that it works well. The confidence in our experience pays off with time and many clients have become good friends over the years.”

Beside the well known facts like the unique climate and natural beauty of this biosphere reserve, there are a lot of other points that help you with the start of a new quality of life. The international mix of  population drops down the barriers of language problems and enables you at the same time to share favourite memories from your own country with compatriots. Tourism, because of its importance, has provided a very secure and good infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired.



In whole Europe you won´t find another region that offers that many advantages. The flight time of only four hours to all European destinations, keeps you in contact with your family and friends. You can celebrate with ease such important times as weddings, christenings, special birthdays or other events with your loved ones. It´s not only this you have, but also the special atmosphere and climate of this island. 

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