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LIFE won't come knocking at your door!

Once the satellite dish is installed and the big new sofa set up in your living room, it gets more and more difficult to leave your own four walls. Inside yur home, everything is so comfortable that it is really hard to get up and go out. After a while, the TV becomes a daily routine. Yet, there are so many things to explore outside. Just think of all the people who come annually to Playa Blanca to spend their most valuable weeks of the year. Especially for residents, the tourist areas in the south offer so many different attractions; you only have to go there to find them.


On the long promenade between the sports harbour Marina Rubicón and the shopping centre "La Mulata", next to the "Natura Palace Hotel", every “night owl” will find its spot. Once you know where the music plays, it becomes very easy to spend funny, exciting and adventurous nights out in good company. For example, with the atmospheric live jazz in the "4 Lunas Bar" and with relaxed chill out music in "Café del Mar". On the marvellous terrace "Marea" there is Cuban music in the early evening and modern disco music until dawn. In other places such as "Godino" or the "Plaza Princesa Yaiza", you can find traditional Spanish Flamenco.

All in all Playa Blanca gives you a very international flavour, from latin salsa discos, karaoke in all languages, traditional Irish singers, modern disco music, hazz both trad and modern, up to the most recent spanish pop hits, tightly planned a night out in Playa Blanca can be a short holiday in a country of your choice. You only have to take the first step and leave your home because life won´t come knocking at your door.

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