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Serie: Artists who live the island

Mica Knorr-Borocco



Mica Knorr-Borocco

Utting / Germany

Tlf / Fax: 0049-8806-7715

Playa Blanca Inspires

For over 20 years the German artist Mica Knorr-Borocco has regularly visited the community of Yaiza, here in the south of the island, to find inspiration for her work. In Playa Blanca she has found the ideal place to combine relaxation with creativity. During long walks in the unique landscape, she gets caught up in the special magic of the island. On the long promenade she can make sketches of people or situations which she takes home with her to become the basis of her work.


“Playa Blanca stimulates me, the white sails over the blue shimmering sea. The vivid, unspoilt, spacious volcanic landscape, the unique variety of colours in the fire mountains, the wild strength of the seas, all produce imagery which I later transfer to canvas. The clarity of light – an artist’s dream- shows the island in many different moods, producing clear and wonderful images”.


Mica Knorr-Borocco was born in Konstanz at Bodensee and has had over 260 exhibitions both one-woman and group, proving that she knows so well how to translate the strength of her feelings; she captures the energy of the landscape and the people here in the south of Lanzarote.

“After my vistis to Playa Blanca, I need the quiet of my studio to relive the sensations I have experienced and recapture the scenes. There I go on an emotional journey and let all the perceptions materialize, sometimes in an abstract way, and flow onto my canvases. Layer by layer the paintings grow, each telling a special story”.


The only thig still missing here in Lanzarote, is the opportunity to exhibit her colourful, expressive paintings, showing both residents and tourists alike, how Playa Blanca can be inspiring. Certainly everyone would find something in her work that would remind them of this unique island.


Until then the best we can do is to show you photographs on these pages, to see in a reduced format the creative journeys of Mica Knorr-Borocco.

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