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...the municipality of Yaiza consists of 14 towns?


Beside the well known towns of Yaiza, Uga, Playa Blanca, Playa Quemada, Puerto Calero, Femes and Las Breñas, there are also Las Casitas, Cortijo Viejo, La Degollada, La Geria, El Golfo, La Hoya and Maciot, which are officially registered towns. With only 25 inhabitants, La Geria is the smallest town of the municipality. 

...that the minicipality of Yaiza stretches out over 212 square klometres and that its coastline is 57.6 kilometres long?


That makes Yaiza after Teguise the second biggest municipality of the island; it stretches out over one quarter of the whole island. 

...that, although a huge area, only a 9% of the population of Lanzarote live in the municipality?


With 13.121 registered inhabitants, Yaiza is after Haria and Tinajo the third smallest municipality regarding the number of inhabitants. Only 9 percent of the population of Lanzarote live in the south.

...that the average number of tourists is higher than the number of inhabitants of the municipality?


In January 2014 the average number of tourists per month was 20.332 compared with only 13.121 registered inhabitants. 

...that Yaiza offers very high-class hotels?


More than 4.000 out of a total of 6.600 in 2014 registered hotel accommodations in Yaiza were of 4-star-quality or more.

...that the number of inhabitants of the municipality of Yaiza almost quadrupled in the last ten years?


In 1996 a total of 3.363 inhabitants was registered in the municipality. In 2014 the number increased to 13.121 inhabitants

...that there are people from 67 different countries living in the municipality of Yaiza?


The biggest nationality group is the Spanish with 8.263 registered people, followed by the British with 908 and third comes the German with 862. There are also people from such exotic and far-away-countries as Jordan, Australia, Ivory Coast or Thailand.

...that vines are the most cultivated plant?


On 3.073 hectares of the total of 4.665 hectares of cultivated land, the crop is vines.

...that the average temperature in Lanzarote in 2013 was 21.1º Celsius and that there were only 4.1 rainy days per month?


The coldest month in 2012 was February with an average of 18.2 degrees, the rainiest months were February and November.

...that the water production has more than doubled in only ten years?


In 1995 the production of water was 9.506.773 cubic metres. In 2013 it came to 24.151.174 cubic metres.

...that more than half of the area of the municipality of Yaiza is protected?


54% of the whole area of the municipality is protected, including the volcanic park “Los Volcanes”, the nature reserve “Los Ajaches”, where also the “Papagayo” beaches are located, the salt pans of Janubio and the wine region “La Geria”.

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