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from a resident´s point of view

Yoga, Pilates or exercises for the back, no matter which courses are offered to improve your mobility, there are always enthusiastic participants in great numbers. Just as important, but unfortunately less present in everyday life, is mental agility. Although your strength of mind can change most things, many people only exercise their body and forget about their minds, getting stuck in the same old rut, complaining about the same old things.


When you live as we do on an island, in this case Lanzarote, you hear comments all the time of those who are still in their own countries, like “how lucky you are”. In daily telephone calls you begin to notice how often they complain about the bad weather, the economic situation, their boring afternoons in front of the television- far better if they thought seriouly about changing where they live and went somewhere where the weather was better, the opportunities greater and where there were endless possibilities of how to spend their free time. Unless they expand their minds to explore new avenues, their chance of opening up a new horizon is limited. 

Certainly in your home town you have your family, friends, work and maybe a club or an association that you belong to, all the familiar things, but: does that make you happy or is it all just routine? How about asking yourself “what, if I break this routine and look for alternatives?” Why not try to combine the best of both worlds?


Often people who just plod along in the same old way, get to a point where all they do is sit in their chairs and criticize because they have nothing better to do and no stimulation. Globalization has to begin within our personal lives. There are some who when sent abroad by their companies, protest and complain – why don´t they seize their chance and start to think globally and look for a place to live and work which matches their own criteria? There is nothing to lose because wherever you live or work you try to make friends and enjoy your free time, no matter where you are in the world.


Speak to most people who have taken this step into a new life and you will find that generally they do not regret their decision one bit. You will hear about the new chances and opportunities that they have found. People who aren´t afraid to work hard and have enthusiasm, will find their niche wherever they are, especially in a Europe that is more united than ever, managing to integrate happily. What really matters is the will to master challenges and to start to fight for a better way of living.

“Often people who just plod along in the same old way, tet to a point where all they do is sit in their chairs and criticize...”

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