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Unique & Decorative

The Art of Adolfo Areizaga

A lot of people who are decorating their flat, house or office have the same problem: how can I give my place an individual look which, at the same time, reflects my personality? Often, buying a print from a supermarket is the quickest and easiest solution, but surely a unique and original piece of art would be the better one.


The artist Adolfo Areizaga was born in San Sebastian and has lived in Playa Blanca for some time. Raised in a family of artists is self-taught and his technique, he says, has been refined and perfected with time. Adolfo likes to try out new styles - in life as well as in art. After spending years in California and France, he found that living in Playa Blanca, enabled him to concentrate on his creativity. He still gets a very special feeling when somebody buys one of his paintings to decorate their home. He understands that his art is a form of decoration which should be affordable for anybody.

“Some weeks ago somebody gave me the job to do a mural on a big wall at the side of his pool, giving me total freedom in what to paint. That is a very inspiring and exciting situation. There is nothing nicer than to create something that other people like.”


A special challenge for Adolfo is to paint something individual for a customer, reflecting its personal style and circumstances. The fact that despite his preference for abstract paintings and that he manages a lot of different styles makes it easy for him to satisfy his clients.


You can find Adolfo´s paintings in several hotels and cafés on the island; he has even decorated some children rooms. Sometimes he sells his work in one of the many markets in Lanzarote. If you take a look at his portfolio, you can see how versatile as artist he is, because each of his paintings is a unique “original”.

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