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getting older means having to make decisions

The former Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, in 1998 made a foresighted and accurate declaration. He said “life is becoming less like a short sprint and more like a marathon”, adding that this development will be a quiet revolution with huge consequences in social, cultural, psychological and spiritual areas of our whole life.


The already proved longevity of the individual provokes enormous demographical changes in the earth´s population and it is a matter that cannot be rectified too early. Like the marathon athlete who has to organize his resources for the long distandce run, it gets more and more impotant to develop a plan for life that helps to accomplish personal goals.

In the last 10 years the effects of the declaration of Kofi Annan have already become evident: examples like the development of pension plans or the always more regulated health care system, show that initiative gets more and more important to secure a decent standard of living for the coming years. You can no longer rely on politics, but have to take the future into your own hands.



In the south of Lanzarote you will find a perfect climate where you can grow older with minimal health problems



The best way to plan for a carefree future with minimal problems, is to buy your own house. It has become more important to put aside sufficient resources during your working life to buy a property so that later on you need less finances to be able to live a better life. Especially here in Spain, this statement is part of the national mentality. While for example in Germany almost 70 % of the population still live in rented flats, the young Spanish people begin very early to plan to buy their own property. Nobody wants to be a burden to their children, and as pensions are getting less sufficient to provide for the cost of day to day living, it is necessary to start early on course for a secure future.

If you take an open minded look at the situation of older people in Western Europe, you will come to very down-to-earth conclusions: a lot of residential homes ask prices similar to a 5-star hotel, but without good service or help and offer an isolated life full of just a daily routine. The  so called care system is categorized in minutes and working procedures are without a human approach. The words “care industry” show very obviously that industrial measures are more important than the well-being of persons. A lot of doctors who come to live and work in Lanzarote, mention especially this lack of human care and standardisation  as reasons why they left their country.

“Old and ill” do not have to go together and that is often forgotten in discussions. On the practical side it is quite easy to get old whilst preserving ones dignity. Ground floor apartments with wide doors offer a quality of life, even if your personal freedom of movement diminishes. If you start early on to plan for your future and older age, it is easy to provide a perfect refuge for the future. For example, it is very easy to prevent the daily problems to get into a standard bath, by installing a shower with seating. Additionally, if you build your individually designed property in surroundings that offer climate and infrastructure, helping you to live healthily, you can enjoy living your life evern longer.


In the south of Lanzarote you will find a perfect climate where you can grow older with minimal health problems. The spring-like temperature throughout the whole year, encourages you to have a walk at the seaside and the Atlantic Ocean invites you every day to have a refreshing bath. The growing security problems of so many European cities are far away. The island can only be reached either by plane or boat, making it a very secure place. In Playa Blanca you can walk at night time without being afraid and on the eight-kilometer promenade, you will find like-minded people. Your children and grandchildren will be happy to visit you in this beautiful place. Family meetings will be special events, not just routine. To secure a worry-free life for the future, it gets indispensable to make the right decisions on time. Only people who are well organized with their personal marathon, will reach the goal with a smile on their face.

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